Pictorial carpet

Pictorial carpet

Pictorial Carpets are essentially smaller dimensions of carpets that are framed and hung on walls. They serve mostly decorative purposes, doubling the beauty and charm of a home.

Raw Materials of Pictorial Carpet

In terms of raw materials, these carpet wall hangings are woven using various threads:

Wool Thread:

This thread is one of the most commonly used raw materials in weaving Pictorial carpet. It's important to note that wool threads come in different qualities, thus varying in their degree of quality and beauty.

Cotton Thread:

 This thread also has significant utility and is abundantly used in Iranian carpets.

Silk Thread: 

Carpets woven with natural silk fibers possess better quality and greater durability. These fibers are derived from the cocoons of silkworms and appear very valuable and expensive. Additionally, they are highly esteemed for their softness and delicacy.

Types of Pictorial Carpet According to Design:

1 - Pictorial Carpet with Ancient Persian Symbols and Artworks:

These Pictorial carpets feature famous symbols and ancient artworks from Iran. For example, they may include Zoroastrian symbols, artworks from Persepolis, and depictions of banquets, lions, and the sun. To view Pictorial Carpet with designs of ancient artworks and Persian symbols, you can click here.

2 - Pictorial Carpet with French Designs:

In this style of Pictorial Carpet, European paintings and designs serve as inspiration. These may include paintings of weddings, historical events, wars, and victories from the Victorian era of Europe, left by artists from England, France, and other European countries. To see Pictorial Carpet with French designs, you can click here.

3 - Pictorial Carpet with Landscape Designs:

Pictorial Carpets with landscape designs typically feature patterns that evoke a sense of calmness and stability in the viewer. These designs often depict natural landscapes, and through precise details, artists have been able to evoke a sense of wonder in the minds of viewers. This characteristic also applies to European carpet wall hangings, particularly those of French origin. To view Pictorial Carpet with landscape designs, you can click here.

4 - Pictorial Carpet with Verse and Religious Designs:

These Pictorial carpets incorporate symbols, artworks, and religious texts. Sometimes, depictions of sacred religious sites are also woven into these carpets. Examples include carpets featuring Quranic verses, the Ayat al-Kursi, various Quranic verses, and depictions of the Kaaba and Medina. To view Pictorial Carpet with verse and religious designs, you can click here.

5 - Pictorial Carpet with Statue Designs:

Pictorial Carpet with statue designs refers to carpets that depict sculptures or figures often created to commemorate or showcase the existence of a human, object, animal, or event, now woven into carpet form. These carpets feature woven renditions of famous sculptures from around the world. To view Pictorial Carpet with statue designs, you can click here.

6 - Pictorial Carpet with Floral Designs:

Pictorial Carpets with floral and plant designs typically depict potted plants or flowers and are named after non-living natural elements such as vases or flower baskets. These designs are now woven into carpet form. To view Pictorial Carpets with floral designs, you can click here.

7 - Carpet Wall Hangings with Animal Designs:

Pictorial Carpets with animal designs are a type of Pictorial Carpets that display images of animals. From ancient times to the present day, these Pictorial carpets have been produced. Early examples depicted lions, leopards, and other animals in various sizes, but today, using wool and silk fibers, finely woven and beautiful examples of these types of carpets are produced, featuring detailed depictions of animals. Examples include carpets featuring horses, birds, flocks, horse heads, gardens, and birds. To view a Pictorial Carpet with animal designs, you can click here.

8 - Pictorial Carpet with Portrait Designs:

Silk handwoven carpet portraits are a special type of carpet that depicts individuals, historical figures, artists, or even personal images using silk threads. These Pictorial Carpet have a beautiful and realistic appearance and are usually produced by hand with high precision. This art has progressed to the point where carpet weavers can weave the customer's portrait onto the carpet, and the attention to detail and quality in these carpets is so high that the final quality of the work will even surpass the photograph. To view Pictorial Carpets with portrait designs, you can click here.

9 - Pictorial Carpet with Miniature Designs:

Miniature Pictorial Carpet adds a beautiful and amazing display of Iranian miniature painting art to your home decor. These carpets are inspired by epic mystical and romantic stories and attract individuals interested in antique, traditional, and classic decoration styles. The term "miniature" means making things smaller, and this art entered Iran from the Qajar period in Persian. Today, miniature painting art in Iran refers to images that do not follow European style and methods and preserve the characteristics of traditional painting. To view Pictorial Carpet with miniature designs, you can click here.

10 - Pictorial Carpet with Famous Painting Designs:

Pictorial Carpets with famous painting designs are woven with inspirations and reproductions of famous paintings from Iran and around the world. In this special type of carpet wall hanging, an attempt is made to make the most resemblance to the original painting woven by the original artist in the carpet weaving process. Examples include the carpets of the Mona Lisa, the Carpet Merchants Market, the Carpet Sellers Market in Egypt, and other famous paintings. To view Pictorial Carpets with famous painting designs, you can click here.

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