Handmade-Like Carpets

Introduction to Handmade-Like Carpets

Handmade carpets represent a significant aspect of Iranian handicrafts, with a history dating back hundreds of years. These carpets are renowned worldwide and are among the most antique and valuable items in the handicraft industry. Their exceptional quality and long lifespan are their main characteristics, but the most notable feature of Iranian handmade carpets is their unique designs and patterns, rooted in the culture and soil of this historic country.

As you know, the value of handmade carpets is very high, making it difficult to afford for everyone. Therefore, carpet producers have decided to manufacture and market handmade-like carpets, also known as "handmade-style" or "handmade-imitation" carpets.

What are Handmade-Like Carpets?

Generally, the higher the density of the carpet, the denser and heavier it becomes. Additionally, the higher the pile of the carpet, the finer and more detailed the design and pattern will be. In handmade carpets, you can clearly see the design and pattern with all its details, whereas in carpets with low density and pile, you won't be able to see the fine details clearly, which is an important factor in valuing carpets.

Handmade-like carpets are carpets with densities of 1000, 1200, or more knots per square inch, with a density of over 2000 knots. Due to their fine and dense weave, these carpets bear a strong resemblance to handmade carpets and are often referred to as "machine-made carpets in the style of handmade carpets". The higher the pile and density of these machine-made carpets, the more they resemble handmade carpets. This similarity is so significant that distinguishing between a genuine handmade carpet and a machine-made one with 1500 knots and a density of 4000 is difficult.

Another difference between machine-made carpets and handmade carpets lies in the way the warp and weft threads are woven and knotted. In handmade carpets, the carpet thread goes around the warp (the foundation of the carpet) during knotting, resulting in tightly knotted, durable carpets. In machine-made carpets, the knots are tied using U-shaped clips by carpet weaving machines, which, over time and with washing, may lose their initial form, altering the appearance of the carpet. This is why machine-made carpets are termed "handmade-like carpets", as their weaving and knotting technique closely resemble those of handmade carpets.

Distinguishing Handmade Carpets from Handmade-Like Carpets

If you place a handmade carpet and a handmade-like carpet side by side, you won't be able to distinguish between them based on their appearance alone. When you examine the back of both carpets, you'll notice the similarity in the weaving of the knots. However, one simple solution is that genuine handmade carpets never have uniform dimensions, and their dimensions are always slightly irregular, as they are handwoven. On the other hand, handmade-like carpets have precise dimensions.

In summary, handmade-like carpets:

  • Resemble handmade carpets in appearance and do not have the hygiene issues associated with machine-made carpets.
  • Have a longer lifespan compared to machine-made carpets due to the use of natural materials.
  • Are produced at a much faster rate and lower cost than handmade carpets due to the use of artificial silk and machine weaving.

Similarities between Handmade Carpets and Handmade-Like Carpets

In summary, the similarities between handmade carpets and handmade-like carpets can be summarized as follows:

  1. The use of entirely natural materials (wool and plant-based silk) in both handmade carpets and handmade-like carpets.
  2. The high density of handmade-like carpets, similar to handmade carpets with 45 knots per inch.
  3. The completion stages of carpet production, such as Shehrazeh and double knots, are performed similarly in handmade-like carpets by human labor.
  4. The presence of completely natural roots, similar to handmade carpets, made from cotton thread and the same carpet warp.
  5. The washing process of handmade-like carpets is entirely similar to handmade carpets.

Handwoven-Like Carpets

After completing the weaving process of handwoven-like carpets, which closely resemble high-quality handwoven carpets and undergo washing after weaving, they are also washed in several stages, with different washing techniques applied to them. In carpet washing terminology, these special washes, carried out to achieve softness and shine in the carpets, are called "gloss washes" or "brilliance washes." At this stage, not only do the carpets acquire a very soft and beautiful surface, akin to silk, but they also become highly colorfast, ensuring that they do not encounter any issues during subsequent washes, whether at professional carpet cleaning facilities or at home.

What is the Difference Between Machine-Made Handwoven-Like Carpets and Handmade or Machine-Made Carpets?

Machine-made handwoven-like carpets have a high pile and density, resulting in finer patterns and a more detailed appearance compared to machine-made carpets, making them resemble hand-knotted carpets. They typically have over 700 knots per square inch.

Handmade carpets use natural fibers, while machine-made carpets use high-quality synthetic fibers or heat-set acrylic fibers. However, handwoven-like carpets utilize natural materials just like handwoven carpets. The wool used in these carpets is produced from natural wool in Iran, similar to that used in handwoven carpets, and their silk comes from a plant source, resulting in completely natural fibers that pose no harm to humans or the environment.

In hand-knotted carpets, the pile yarn is twisted around the warp yarn and knotted by hand, preventing the pile yarn from separating. However, in machine-made carpets, the pile yarn is only twisted around the warp yarn and firmly glued during the finishing process. In handwoven-like carpets, no glue is used, and the pile yarn does not separate, resembling handwoven carpets when viewed from the back, thus appearing almost identical to handwoven carpets.

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