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Exploring Modern Handwoven Rugs: Where Simplicity Meets Beauty

Changes in Modern Home Decor

With the evolution of modern lifestyles, the decoration of homes has undergone significant transformations. One of the fundamental elements in home decor is the use of rugs. Selecting and purchasing handwoven rugs from skilled weavers holds paramount importance.

The Rise of Modern Handwoven Rugs

As modern lifestyles expand, the use of modern handwoven rugs alongside traditional Iranian rugs has gained popularity. The primary distinction between a traditional Iranian rug and a modern handwoven rug lies in their patterns.

Characteristics of Modern Handwoven Rugs
  1. Simple Geometric Patterns: In modern handwoven rugs, patterns feature simple geometric shapes with ample spacing.
  2. Distinct Color Separation and Precise Borders: Patterns in these rugs are separated by a single distinct color, and borders are clearly defined and precise.
  3. Utilization of Various Fibers: Common fibers in modern handwoven rugs include cotton and silk.

Differences from Classic Rugs

  1. Modern Weaving Techniques: Modern rugs often utilize silk and cotton, resulting in higher quality compared to classic rugs.
  2. Variety in Patterns: Modern rugs feature simpler patterns with minimal detail, often using two to three colors in their weaving.
  3. Blend of Modern and Traditional: Many modern handwoven rugs combine elements of tradition and modernity.


Modern handwoven rugs, with their blend of simplicity and beauty, serve as an excellent choice for modern home decor. By carefully selecting a rug from a skilled weaver and considering the recommendations provided, you can choose a rug that best complements your living space. We hope this article assists you in selecting the perfect modern handwoven rug for your home.

In the Dafezan marketplace, we categorize modern handwoven rugs based on their styles into several groups.

Modern Patterned Rugs:

With the expansion of modern lifestyles, the use of modern handwoven rugs alongside traditional Iranian rugs has increased. The primary distinction between a traditional Iranian rug and a modern handwoven rug lies in its patterns and embellishments. In traditional Iranian rugs, the use of a central motif and symmetrical borders (such as the Toranj pattern) is common. However, in modern handwoven rugs, more emphasis is placed on regular geometric lines and sometimes sparse details compared to traditional rugs. Therefore, simplicity is one of the key features of modern handwoven rugs. Many patterns in these rugs are a fusion of tradition and modernity, appealing not only to younger generations but also to enthusiasts of classic and traditional decor. Such patterns are often found in various tribal rugs like Qashqai, Nahavand, and Bakhtiari rugs.

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Vintage Style Rugs:

In describing vintage rugs, it can be said that the patterns and designs of traditional rugs that have taken on an aged and antique appearance through industrial methods are called vintage. The pattern and design of old and traditional rugs are a precious and enduring art, but today many believe that traditional rugs are less compatible with modern and new decorations. However, vintage rugs with their intricate patterns, although they follow the same original patterns, can also complement modern decor.

Today, we have all heard the names of new rugs such as modern designs or vintage, but we may have little information on how this type of design entered the machine-made rug market. Here we provide a brief explanation of the history of vintage rugs.

Vintage rugs are among the types of rugs that have attracted many enthusiasts today, and because vintage rugs resemble rugs with high antiquity, they have been highly welcomed. Vintage rugs are said to be rugs in which the intensity of colors has decreased. For this reason, those involved in rug production today obtain vintage rugs from new and fresh rugs and make them look vintage by using special tricks.

These rugs are not exclusive to Iran and also have many customers in European countries, and they are also called "vintage" in Latin terminology. Due to their appearance and splendor, they resemble old handmade rugs and give a special authenticity to your home environment.

In the modern era, the use of vintage rugs in home decoration has received much attention. Those who are interested in classic decorations usually prefer handmade or vintage rugs to other rugs.

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Patchwork and Collage Rugs:

Collage rugs or patchwork rugs, from placing pieces of several different rugs that are damaged or old together. Not all patchwork rugs are made up of forty pieces of rugs placed together. Instead, most of these rugs have fewer than 40 pieces, especially in small sizes such as rugs or 6-meter carpets.

The advantages of using patchwork rugs include:

  • Compatibility with various home decorations; Regardless of whether the interior decoration of your home is modern or classic, in any case, the diverse patterns of patchwork rugs can add special beauty to the decoration.
  • Another advantage of using collage rugs is the variety of their designs and colors. This makes them perfectly compatible with different tastes.
  • Patchwork rugs have made it possible to reuse old and ancient rugs, and also to reuse rugs that have been damaged for various reasons such as fire or moisture and ... again.
  • Due to the presence of a leather backing, patchwork rugs have high strength and resistance and do not slip on ceramic tiles.
  • Patchwork rugs are a commercial product and are very effective in boosting the economy. There is a high demand for the production of patchwork rugs outside the country, which has also created the grounds for exporting this type of rug and has contributed to economic prosperity.

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Colored Handwoven Carpets:

As the name suggests, these carpets are different from other carpets in that instead of using colored threads to weave them and coloring the carpet before its production using colored threads, the primary color in colored carpets is added after the entire weaving process.

In these carpets, the main color or dominant color is added to the carpet after its completion, and in terms of terminology, they dye the woven carpet.

These carpets are categorized as follows:

Single-color or plain-colored carpets:

 In these carpets, either new white carpets or old ones that have been re-dyed are used, resulting in a carpet with a single primary color, which may be vibrant in some areas and subdued in others. Additionally, if the original carpet has regular patterns, these patterns are faintly visible in the colored carpet.

Patterned colored carpets:

In these carpets, usually, white woven carpets are used, and artists paint on them, using the carpet as a canvas for painting. They create very beautiful paintings on the carpet.

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