In this section, you can explore various handwoven carpets available in the city of Tbilisi, Georgia. Additionally, you have the opportunity to visit online stores of carpet sellers located in Tbilisi, who are also members of the Tbilisi Handwoven Carpet Market.

To view the details of each handwoven carpet in Tbilisi, simply click on the respective carpet image. By clicking on each image, you'll be directed to the seller's store in Tbilisi, where you can find information about the dimensions, specifications, and prices of the carpet. Moreover, you can explore other products offered by the seller and visit their online store in Tbilisi.

Next to each product, you'll find additional information about the store, purchasing methods, and the seller's background. These sections include:

Get to know the seller of this carpet :

In this section, you will become more acquainted with the carpet seller's details and gather additional information about the carpet seller in each of the districts of Tbilisi city.

Shipping cost: 

This provides you with more detailed information about the shipping costs of the product from Tbilisi city to the buyer's location.

Payment methods:

In this section, you will learn about various payment methods proposed by the carpet seller. You can contact the seller directly to arrange the payment or negotiate alternative payment methods in Tbilisi.

Additionally, you can click on the ' Buy now with 1-click ' option to initiate contact with the seller. By entering your contact number, the seller will promptly get in touch with you to provide the necessary information regarding your desired carpet.

If you do not see a product in this category

If you don't see any products in this section, it means that, as of now, no stores in Tbilisi have joined the Defezan website. In this case, you can use the "Contact Us" section (click on this section to access it) to leave us a message about the carpet you wish to purchase. Please provide your email and contact number so that we can introduce you to a suitable store at the earliest opportunity. We will connect you with a store that has your desired carpet, offering competitive prices and convenient proximity to you.

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